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Happy Holidays everyone! I can’t believe December has flown by so fast and it’s already Christmas Eve! I am officially on Christmas Break and enjoying every minute of it. Being on break from my day job means more time to work on the job closer to my heart – art! I’ve been working especially on filming and I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. I usually go through a number of catastrophes when filming, from batteries running out to drawing for ages and realizing way too late that the camera stopped running a long time ago.

Finally me and my trusty Nikon D5100 made it through a whole filming session with minimal problems. By minimal I mean the camera battery running out halfway, having to charge the battery for half an hour, and the first SD card filling up and having to be changed mid filming. But I made it through and I have a speed coloring video to show for it!

Speed coloring video
I chose this sweetie for my speed coloring video!

This little hot cocoa chibi popped out at me as I was flipping through YamPuff’s Stuff for something cute and festive to color. I browsed through some pictures of hot cocoa on the net before I decided on a red mug, then grabbed my Promarkers and got to work!

Hot Cocoa Chibi Speed Coloring Video

Drawing with Promarkers, or any alcohol-based markers like Copics, has a pretty sharp learning curve. We’ve all used colored pencils and crayons as kids before, whether in school or for fun. And they’re both similar in the sense that they are pressure-based: the more pressure you apply, the more intense the color. This leads to easy blending and gradient making.

Artist markers, on the other hand, are another story entirely. The color goes down uniformly. And if you work slowly, you end up with flat colors with hard edges rather than that nice smooth gradient from dark to light. Rather, you need to have the colors you want to use prepared beforehand, and use them one after the other while the ink is still wet.

Hot Cocoa Chibi Speed Coloring Video

Of course, you can use a mix of hard edges and smooth blends to achieve different textures and effects! But finally getting the hang of how to make nice gradients was a real breakthrough – for the first time I made the little blushes on the cheeks with Promarkers. I didn’t use any pencils at all in this image! I normally use a little bit of Prismacolor pencils to touch up flaws in the marker coloring.

Anyways, my speed coloring video is linked below so you can see what I mean by blending with markers!

Speed Coloring Video

Happy Holidays!! Oh and – I’m thinking about which coloring book I should color from next. Let me know in the comments; something from Sugary Dreams, YamPuff’s Stuff or Carousel Dreams??

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