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Well, this year’s Inktober is finally over for me. There are a few days left in October, but I am feeling burnt out. Last year I only managed around 6 or 7 illustrations and a few of them were random doodles, so for me to have put up 18 pretty much complete illustrations, inked and with some color – well I’m pretty proud of myself! Maybe next year I’ll even finish all 31 days of Inktober. But I know when to call it quits. This year my focus was on coming up with concept art for my new coloring book; Galaxy Dreams. And here they all are; my Inktober 2017 Illustrations!

My tools of the trade for Inktober were my Sakura Microns, a big black Sharpie, my Posca Pens (mostly white & gold), some Letraset Promarkers (blue, pink and yellow colors only) and a pink highlighter. I wanted to limit my color options as I have a tendency to go overboard. I wanted to keep it simple and focused on the lines.

So many!

I have quite a few favorites among these and only one I am definitely not fond of (the black silhouette one) but overall I think I’ve come a long way! For me art has always been about constant improvement – even if I might not be happy where I currently am, I know I’m better than I was a year ago! Inktober helped me out of my artblock and, as if often the case, once you’re out of the artblock you find your art style has evolved and you are a stronger artist overall!

Anyway, I’m back to working on my upcoming coloring books full strength! Look forward to new updates real soon!

If you want to see my Inktober 2017 illustrations in better detail, check out my Instagram @YamPuff

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