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All linearts here are available for download and coloring!

You can download the linearts for digital coloring, or print them for traditional coloring and/or card making. You can upload your finished, colored image or photo anywhere on the web as long as credit and/or link back is provided! If you tag or message me on any of my social media pages I’ll like it and maybe share it to my page! On DeviantArt I’ll add the work to my coloring Fanclub. I love seeing the creativity that goes into the coloring process!

Please note that my linearts are for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not download the lineart and upload it somewhere else uncolored. If you want to share my lineart, link back. Do not submit your coloring of my lineart as a print, or as a t-shirt on a site like Zazzle or Etsy. If you’re interested in a collaboration to sell stuff with my work, contact me and we’ll see if something can be worked out.

If you’re not sure about anything, just contact me!

YamPuff Linearts Copyright © YamPuff,
All Rights Reserved

Free Chibi Coloring Pages

Sailor Glam Metal
Girl Reading YamPuff Chibi Lineart
Sailor Glam Metal for Captain Metal
Reading Girl Chibi Contest prize

Little Artist Chibi, inspired by Macoto Takahashi

Alyce and Lila Bear commission for Kit and Clowder

Flame-chan lineart by YamPuff

A girl who loves Minecraft and Nyan Cat

Never thought I would get a pole dancer commission

Underwater chibi lineart by YamPuff

Little Artist Chibi (Inspired by Macoto Takahashi)
Alyce and Lila Bear (For Kit and Clowder)
Flame-chan (commission for FCNemesis)
Vivian Chibi (Christmas gift commission)
Pole Dancer (chibi commission)
Underwater Fun

Sexy Nerd Chibi by YamPuff

Amyel with Pokeball by YamPuff

Chibi with pigtails and battle axe by YamPuff

A candy corn chibi I made for Halloween

Chibi with wolf by YamPuff

Sexy Nerd (for Captainmetal)
Amyel (Commission for AmyelZ)
Vermillia (Commission for Dionne)
Candy Corn Chibi
Chibi with Wolf (Commission for Morgan Smith)

Mermaid and dolphin chibi lineart by YamPuff

Lemon cupcake chibi lineart by YamPuff

Pomegranate cupcake chibi lineart by YamPuff

Mint cupcake chibi lineart by YamPuff

Chibi frosting fairy with macarons by YamPuff

Under the Sea (Commission for Clearwater Aquarium Charity Event)

Lemon, Pomegranate and Mint Cupcake Chibis (Commission for Efreet-in-the-Oven)

The Frosting Fairy

Hydrangea Fairy Chibi lineart by YamPuff

Diana and the winged lion lineart by YamPuff

Marilyn Monroe chibi lineart by YamPuff

Prince and companion chibi lineart by YamPuff

Prince and princess chibi lineart by YamPuff

Captain Rainna chibi lineart by YamPuff

Hydrangea Fairy Chibi
Diana and the Winged Lion
Marilyn Monroe (Commision for SixxAngel)
Ice and Airie (Commission for Zombie-scarecrow)
Prince Ice and Princess Ivy (Commission for Zombie-scarecrow)
Captain Rainna (For BevyArt)

Chibi elves lineart by YamPuff

Like Starbucks, only not

Firey and Watery chibi lineart by YamPuff

Naomi casual wear lineart by YamPuff

Naomi evening wear lineart by YamPuff

Chibi Elves
“Yambucks” Chibi
Firey and Watery (Commission for Taura)
Naomi, Casual Wear (Commission for Samantha)
Naomi, Evening Wear (Commission for Samantha)
Chibi Ballerina lineart by YamPuff
Queen of Hearts chibi lineart by YamPuff
Bubblegum devil chibi lineart by YamPuff
Little Ballerina (Prize for Vinpip)
Queen of Hearts
Skunk Girl (Commission for KittyZilla)
Rhapsody (Commission for Lindsey Walker)
Kaylayla (Commission for Lindsey Walker)
Bubblegum Suka (Commission for Valerie)
Halloween chibi with pumpkins lineart by YamPuff
One winged angel chibi lineart by YamPuff
Devil and angel chibi lineart by YamPuff
Irish princess chibi lineart by YamPuff
Kuriko with weapon chibi lineart by YamPuff
Halloween Pumpkin Princess
Suii Minichibi (Commision for Suiish)
Suii and Iish (Commision for Suiish)
Irish Princess (for Michaelah)
Kuriko (Commission for Bunnie)
Mud Bath Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Magnificent Kimono Chibi lineart by YamPuff
Pancake girl chibi lineart by YamPuff
Bell and Star Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Sailor Irumei chibi lineart by YamPuff
Curly haired girl chibi lineart by YamPuff
Mud Bath (Commission for Ivy Seward)
Magnificent kimono (Coloring guide here)
Pancake Girl (Commission for Ivy Seward)
Bell and Star (Commission for Frills-of-Justice)
Sailor Irumei (Commission for Stephie Lynn)
Curly Haired Girl (Commission for Ichigo777)
Truffle Girl Hazukia chibi lineart by YamPuff
S'more girl chibi lineart by YamPuff
Strawberry Boy chibi lineart by YamPuff
Macaron Hikaru chibi girl lineart by YamPuff
Rainbow cake Luna chibi lineart by YamPuff
Hot Cocoa Emiko chibi lineart by YamPuff
Truffle Girl Hazukia (Commission for Vaniraa)
S’more Chibi (Commission for Vaniraa)
Strawberry Boy (Commission for Vaniraa)
Macaron Hikaru (Commission for Vaniraa)
Rainbow Cake Luna (Commission for Vaniraa)
Hot Cocoa Emiko (Commission for Vaniraa)
Creme caramel Chiharu chibi lneart by YamPuff
Miranda and Mitchel mini chibi commission lineart by YamPuff
Little princess chibi lineart by YamPuff
Artist Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Popcorn Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Lollipop Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Creme Caramel Chiharu (Commission for Vaniraa)
Miranda and Mitchell (Commission for SweetSnowDream)
Little Princess
Artist (Commission for Fujisuzu)
Popcorn Girl
Lollipop Girl
Cotton Candy, Candy Floss Chibi lineart by YamPuff
Chibi Cookie Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Cupcake Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Cupcake Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Daisy Mini Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Ice Cream Girl
Cotton Candy Girl
Chocolate Chip Cookie Girl
Cupcake Girl
Razielle Cupcake (For Melody-Kitn)
Daisy Mini Chibi
Sammy Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Teej Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Aliex and Kiyo Lineart by YamPuff
Snarky Barefoot Bubblegum Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Vampires (Commission for Dulcy)
Sammy Chibi (Commission for Teej)
Teej Chibi (Commission for Teej)
Aliex and Kiyo (Commission for Tollador)
Snarky Barefoot Girl (Commission for Mudivy)
Lana Snow Elf Chibi by YamPuff
Elf and Frog Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Goth Chibi On Cake Lineart by YamPuff
Musical Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Day and Night Chibi Linearts by YamPuff
Lana Snow Elf (For Tsu-la)
Elf and Frog (For Lyralein)
Goth Cake Chibi (for Mudivy)
Musical Chibis (For Majeev)
Day and Night (Commission for Frills-Of-Justice)
Nan and Llama Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Josie and Peter Ballet Lineart by YamPuff
Mini Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Cherry Blossom Fairy Lineart by YamPuff
Delilah Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Annabelle Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Nan and Her Llama (Commission for Claire)
Peter and Josie (Commission for Claire)
Mini Chibi (For Marianna)
Cherry Blossom Fairy (Commission for LCWPaintme3)
Delilah (For Rhianna)
Suitcase Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Umbrella Girl Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Chloe Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Honey Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Liliana chibi lineart by YamPuff
Chloe Chibi lineart by YamPuff
Suitcase Girl
Umbrella Girl
Liliana (For Marianna)
Candy (For Dantelric)
Elyssa Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Tea Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Kasumi Bunny Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Six Wings CHiib Lineart by YamPuff
Saika Lineart Chibi by YamPuff
Naughty ANgel Chibi Lineart by YamPuff
Tea Chibi (by ElleChar)
Kasumi (For TokyoGirl)
SIx WIngs (Commission for Eclipsehate)
Saika (For SakuraElkhart)
Naughty Angel
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