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I’m down with a cold and doing my best to relax – which somehow ended up in procrastinating on resting by getting some work done! I spent most of yesterday changing the last of my social media account names to YamPuff from HalfBakedYams (a name I chose back when I thought about starting a food blog, which never panned out). Of course, after changing the names I then had to go and fix all the social media links on my site and other accounts. A pain, but a necessary one.

Now that that’s done I moved on to completing the last prize for the old Butterfly Princess contest – a chibi lineart commission! The winner requested a girl sitting on a park bench reading a book, and here she is!

YamPuff Chibi Reading Girl Lineart

I don’t draw chibis sitting too often – they’re usually posing dramatically – so I always enjoy having a go at drawing something a little different. I thought of going for a mori-girl kind of style with loads of layers and lace and a crazy hairstyle, but in the end I decided on your average girl-next-door. Comfy jeans, slip-on sneakers and a sensible hairstyle. I love how she came out, and hope you do too!

Girl Reading YamPuff Chibi Lineart

This reading girl chibi is available for coloring!

You can download the linearts for digital coloring, or print them for traditional coloring and/or card making. You can upload your finished, colored image or photo anywhere on the web as long as credit and/or link back is provided! If you tag or message me on any of my social media pages I’ll like it and maybe share it to my page! On DeviantArt I’ll add the work to my coloring Fanclub. I love seeing the creativity that goes into the coloring process!

Please note that my linearts are for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not download the lineart and upload it somewhere else uncolored. If you want to share my lineart, link back. Do not submit your coloring of my lineart as a print, or as a t-shirt on a site like Zazzle or Etsy. If you’re interested in a collaboration to sell stuff with my work, contact me and we’ll see if something can be worked out.

If you’re not sure about anything, just contact me!

YamPuff Linearts Copyright © YamPuff,
All Rights Reserved

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