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The project that got way, way out of hand! YamPuff’s Stuff was my first coloring book, published in 2015 – and it really shows! It’s not nearly as polished as my later publications. I rushed through the coloring of the cover, didn’t even design a back cover, and forgot to include a copyright page! In the years that followed I kept thinking about redoing the book, just simply making a new cover, adding a few linearts. Simple, easy.

Well that turned into a massive project of redoing the entire book, from 24 linearts to 48, updating old popular linearts, fixing little things that bugged me. It’s taken several months but I have finally done it!!

YamPuff's Stuff: A Kawaii Coloring Book of Chibis and Cute Girls
At long last! YamPuff’s Stuff: My New Coloring Book!

While I realize the more practical thing would have been to get a brand new coloring book out before Christmas, this was something I just couldn’t get out of my head. I just couldn’t stop working on it! Sometimes you have to follow your creative muse. In any case, thanks to Inktober I have more than half the material I need for my tentative next project: Galaxy Dreams!

YamPuff’s Stuff: A Kawaii Coloring Book of Chibis and Cute Girls is a better example of what ‘YamPuff’s Stuff’ should stand for: loads and loads of cute chibi linearts! I removed two non-chibi linearts from the original YamPuff’s Stuff which I felt did not belong there and added in reworked versions of old and popular linearts from my collection. That also sounded like an easy task but as usual my perfectionist streak kicked in. Their eyes and faces had to be tweaked to match my newer style. Anatomy errors had to be corrected.

It was important for me that my new coloring book be a true reflection, not only of where I’m from, but where I am now. So while I included old favorites like a selection of my dessert girls (revamped cupcake and popcorn girl, plus new macaron and pancake girls!) I made sure they reflected my new styles and techniques. I was really happy when assembling the cover to see the range of character expressions and styles; my old chibis tended to look very same-y, so I’ve been working on diversifying my chibis more! It’s a work in progress!

New Coloring Book
This is a new lineart exclusive to YamPuff’s Stuff!

I’m really proud of YamPuff’s Stuff and I truly hope you all love it as well! It is available on amazon.com and as a digital ebook in my Etsy store. If you’d like to take a closer look inside my newest coloring book, I have filmed a little coloring book flip-through, which you can watch below. Links for purchasing YamPuff’s Stuff are right below the video.



Buy YamPuff’s Stuff on Amazon!

Or get a digital copy on my Etsy!

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