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YamPuff’s Coloring Books
YamPuff's Coloring Books

Welcome to my coloring book page where you can find all of YamPuff’s Coloring Books! Here you can check out all of my titles currently for sale, and get special sneak previews inside each book! Plus, handy links on each page will lead you where you need to go to buy copies of any book!

YamPuff, also known as Yams, lover of art, baking and cute things. I have been drawing digital stamps and linearts for years now but only recently got into the world of Adult Coloring Books! It’s been an amazing journey – and it’s not over yet! I enjoy making (and eating) popcorn, obsessing over food blogs and tinkering in the kitchen. I am a Pre-K teacher and recently completed a Masters Degree in Education.

All coloring books can be found in digital form on my Etsy and in physical form on Amazon.com

For loads of FREE coloring pages and chibi linearts, check out the Linearts section on my site!

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